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American Technical Fabricators Equipment List
Below is a partial list of equipment by service area:
Shearing / Cutting:
Adira  - 10 Power Shear for flat stock steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials
Hemsaw   - Horizontal band saw for structural steel
DeWalt  Chop Saws  - Miter Chop Saws for structural aluminum materials
Miller Spectrum 700 Plasma Cutter
Punching  / Laser-Cutting:
Capabilities:  Steel and Aluminum  up to 3/8 thick; Stainless Steel up to in thickness
Strippit Model 1250MXP 40 station, 33 ton, CNC controlled turret punch with 2200w PRC Laser
Strippit Model 1250 20 station, CNC  controlled turret punch, with large selection of tooling
Geka Hydracrop-50-S  - Single Station Iron Worker
Americore 254 Hydraulic Notching Machine
Bend Forming
Capabilities:  For materials up to 10 long, and up to 5/8 thick
Adira  - 10 foot CNC Brake Press w/ anti-mar tooling
AccurPress   - 6 foot CNC Brake Press w/ anti-mar tooling
Roll Forming
Capabilities:  For materials up to 3/16 thick and up to 48 wide
 GMC 53 Power Rolling and Cone Machine
Metal Stamping:
Scottish, 135 ton OBI press with Dallas feeding station
Minster, 80 ton press with Dallas feeding station
Machine Shop Equipment:
South Bend 17" x 50" Tool Room Lathe
BridgePort N.C. Mill 9" 48
Reid Precision Surface Grinder 6" x 18
Harding 3" x 16" Precision Cullet Turret Lathe
Lansing Horizontal Mill 15" x 72
Powermatic & Clausing Drill Presses
Smithway XL Table Shaper
Welding Equipment:
We proudly use high quality liquid-cooled Miller welding equipment, including :
Mig Welders
Pulse-Mig Welders
Tig Welders
Long-reach Spot Welder (1020)
Portable 52T Spot Welder
Nelson Stud Welders
Plastic Molding Equipment:
Arburg, 55 ton Injection Molding Machine: 3.14oz. Shot
Arburg, 28 ton Injection Molding Machine: 2.08oz Shot
Material Types:  Acetel, Nylon, Polypro
Plasti-Vac, Thermal Vacuum Form, PVI - 406
Bed Capacity:  40W x 60L x 12H
Material Capacity:  Up to 1/8 in thickness
Material Types:  ABS, Noryl, Polypro
Una Dyn Material Dryers (50 & 100lb capacity)
Polymer Systems Re-grinders
Powder-coat Painting:
1,000,000 BTU Convection Oven
Capacity:  10W x 10H x 14L
Nordsen Application Equipment
Trinco Sandblasting  Equipment
Part Capacity:  up to 12H x 12W x 30L
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   AWS Certified Welders

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